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VelaShape™ your body!

Proven. Safe. Effective.


The first and only non-surgical FDA-cleared medical solution for Circumferential Reduction!* Now it becomes very easy to reshape your body with the first non-surgical solution for circumferential reduction. VelaShape treatments are safe, effective and comfortable. In addition to body reshaping, VelaShape treatments can reduce the appearance of cellulite and provide overall texture improvement.

VelaShape uses a combination of Bi-Polar radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum and tissue stimulation to guarantee the clinically proven results, efficacy and safety in 4 treatments. With VelaShape, you can be treated on any part of your body that you want to reshape. VelaShape is the complete solution for the body reshaping market!

Learn more about Circumferential Reduction* with VelaShape™

* FDA cleared for temporary reduction of thighs circumferences